About Sprouting Hope

Sprouting Hope’s mission is to feed the community by growing and sharing healthy produce, with the vision of everyone having access to healthy food. With a focus on serving and empowering low income individuals, we not only give a fish but also teach how to fish by making the program accessible for participants to work and learn in the garden.

Everything grown is distributed to volunteers, food pantries, soup kitchens, and the free clinic. Sprouting Hope offers youth education and therapeutic gardening programs for folks in the mental health community. The 13,800 square foot garden serves 305 families with approximately three tons of fresh produce every year (5,909 pounds in 2015).

The garden began in 2012 with 10,000 square feet of annual vegetables. In 2013, a program coordinator was hired to manage youth education, mental health support programming, and engage low income participants receiving food assistance. In 2014, the garden grew to include perennial plants (asparagus and a variety of small fruits. Garden expansion continued in 2015, with the addition of two 40’x12’ hoop houses, a low cost style of greenhouse, which offers protection from fungal diseases and extends the growing season.

In 2016, Sprouting Hope's Homegrown program is supporting eight home gardeners with supplies, equipment, technical support, and education.

Sprouting Hope has awesome volunteers and we'd love you to join us:

* We need volunteers to work in the garden. It's great if you know about gardening but if not, come and learn!
* We need educators to work with our programs serving both kids and adults.
* We need people who are great at raising funds both through the community and grant writing.
* We need business people to help run the business side of a non-profit organization.

Whether you volunteer for a specific event or on an ongoing basis, you can make a difference right here in our community. Please call:

Robert Kell

Program Coordinator, Sprouting Hope
Phone: (276) 782-2809

Mailing Address:
Sprouting Hope

PO Box 1811
Marion, VA 24354

501(c)3 tax ID #47-1753506