Monday, March 31, 2014

The weather is warming up

No, really, for sure this time…

Let's just assume for now that there won't be any more snow for a while and shift into gardening gear. We'll be out at the garden on April 5 from noon for a couple of hours to work on getting things ready for the coming season, hopefully get some seeds planted for some cool weather crops like lettuce and turning the water line back on now that the risk of freezing has almost passed.

We're also planning a fundraising dinner at Wolfe's BBQ in Marion on April 9 from 4-8 pm tickets are available now and for $10 you get your choice of Pork BBQ or Catfish, with 2 sides and a fountain drink. Sprouting Hope will keep $4 from each ticket sold, and we'll have volunteers serving so all tips will go directly to support the garden. Keep an eye out for ticket sellers around town, or call Jason on (276) 780-0420 to buy tickets now. Tickets can be used for eat-in or take-out.