Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We're so excited about the 2nd Community Work Day at the Sprouting Hope garden coming up this Saturday from 9am-noon. It's amazing to see how much a group can accomplish in just a few hours! Bring your family and friends and come dig a little with us. It's a great feeling way to start your Saturday!

Click on the April 20 link under "Upcoming Events" on the right to go to the Facebook page for this event where you can "join" and invite your friends. (This isn't required... just a great way to help us spread the word!)

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: Take Hwy 16 (Park Blvd) north out of Marion for 4 miles. Turn right into Hungry Mother State Park and continue for 1 mile on East Hungry Mother Drive. Turn left into the Hungry Mother Lutheran Retreat Center. Turn right immediately and park along the row of pine trees running beside the main road.

** If there is an attendant at the park entrance, let them know that you are going to the community garden. You won't need to pay to come out to the garden. If you go back to use the state park, you will need to pay for parking as rangers do patrol the lots and issue parking tickets. **

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